I wonder if there’s a deeper version of me….

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Dear Annie, sorry kung natatakot ako. Ngayon lang ‘to pramis. Sa kwarto ko na ulit ako matutulog bukas. Sila mama kasi tinatakot pa ko para dito na ko matulog sa kwarto nila, ang ending, ayun effective. Joined force silang tatlo e. Sorry talaga, Annie. Wag Annie ha? Pero kung sa panaginip okay lang. Ako nalang dadalaw sayo. Smile ka na rin pala… Please? Kahit mahirap… Sana pag dumalaw ulit ako naka ngiti ka na… I will really miss you friend. I love you.



So, this happened when Mama’s not around. My sisters and I played dress up games and had photo shoot with them. Yes, it was really fun working with your younger sisters because being the eldest, you have the power to control them. Anyway, I’m not in the mood to upload all the photos here in tumblr, so you can view it at my behance account.

After this fun filled photo shoot, one heart breaking news came…

I still can’t absorb the fact that a college friend of mine passed away. I never see this coming. Graduation na namin next week, ang aga naman naming nabawasan! Ang bigat sa dibdib. Hindi ako makapaniwala. Masyadong mabilis ang pangyayari. Sobrang nakakalungkot na hindi kami kumpletong magmamartsa. Sabay sabay naming pinaghirapan to eh, tapos biglang ganto. Hay.. To my blockmate, Annie, you will be missed. We love you so much. Hindi ko pa rin talaga matanggap, Annie. Hay!!!! See you bukas…

Hello, everyone! 

I spent my whole day in Makati today for job interviews and exams in a below the line advertising agency. Bulacan to Makati, Makati to Bulacan! Hello bonggang travel time! :D

Anyway, I think my two interviews were OK as well as my exams… Pero may 2 questions ako sa interview na feeling ko ay… Pero, POSITIVE LANG!!! T_T 

So, I’m really hoping that I could get the job because the way the interviewer describes the position offered to me and how she gave the background and values of their company really captured my attention. I really like their company’s humbleness and I would like to see myself working with them.

Dear God, please help me in this new chapter of my life. I trust in You. Amen.


I miss posting shoe selfie whenever I’m off to somewhere, so here are my plain selfie instead! I still can’t access my IG account because my smartphone is broken :( Anyway, I’m expecting a new one this coming Monday. Thank you, God for granting my wish! Ang makahabol si Papa sa aking graduation at new phone. YEY! :)

Don’t marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him.

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1. Buy a new poster and hang it on your wall.
2. Set your background as someone you admire.
3. Break a mirror.
4. Save lady bugs and other little critters
5. Meet new people, tell them they are important
6. Buy a pretty old dress from a worn down thrift shop
7. Eat a food you’ve never tried before
8. Prove someone wrong.
9. Get mad
10. Get nervous
11. Watch a favorite old time movie
12. Plant some flowers, they give you oxygen
13. Paint someone a picture
14. Hold someone’s hand
15. Dance in front of people, show your free spirit
16. Put your hair in a ponytail
17. Compliment someone on their grammar
18. Be nice to the teacher you hate
19. Smile at your arch enemy
20. Buy new curtains
21. Crack open your window.
22. Put on some lotion
23. Buy new earrings
24. Play some music
25. Swoon over a crush
26. Take pictures of things you love
27. Lay in bed
28. Tell her you love her
29. Tell him you love him
30. Don’t waste any time. Beautiful things and chances pass us by everyday and we never get them back.

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My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping.

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Ang sarap sa feeling pag yung boyfriend mo, best friend mo na rin, yung tipong sa kanya mo lahat nasasabi at sa kanya mo unang una shineshare yung balita. Minsan PA mo na rin kapag may mga lakad kang hindi mo alam puntahan. Yung anjan siya lagi para i-guide at samahan ka. Yung hindi ka iiwan at mag-aantay lang siya ng walang sinasabi. Ang sarap sa feeling pag minsan yung boyfriend mo, parang stage mom, laging pinapalakas yung loob mo tuwing may laban ka. Ang sarap sa feeling kapag proud boyfriend here ang peg ng boyfriend mo, minsan nauuna pang mag kwento ng accomplishments mo. Kahit simple things lang, masayang masaya na rin siya para sayo :)

Dear Jecho, hindi mo lang alam gaano ako natotouch at thankful sa mga bagay na pinapakita mo sakin. Sa mga oras na nilalaan mo for me. Thank you so much, Babe for making me feel secured all the time… I love you so much! I’m forever thankful that you came into my life :)

I believe in You and in Your plans. I know that You are just preparing me. Thanks for letting me experience reality. Please guide me for I am still lost and weak (but getting stronger). Thank you, Papa Jesus.